Quilting Services

Thank you for your interest in my quilting services!  All of my work is freeform on a commercial-grade long arm. This means the stitching pattern is solely guided by my hand, not a computer.

I understand and appreciate the work and love that has already gone into your quilt, and I promise to treat it as if it were my own. Each quilt has its own unique character, and I am honored to work with you to further enhance that character using the type of quilting design(s) that you choose. So let’s get started…

Step 1:

Determine the total square inches of your quilt

Length = _______ inches
Width = ________ inches

Total Square Inches = _________ (length x width)

Step 2:

Decide the type of quilting desired
  • $.03 per sq inch all over stippling (medium edge-to-edge stippling only)
  • $.035 per sq inch pantograph (edge-to-edge repeating pattern)
  • $.04 per sq inch all over design (free-flowing loop and meandering designs)
  • $.05 – $.10 per sq inch custom (block, stitch in the ditch, feathering, trapunto, doodle, and thread art designs)

Step 3:

Work with me to layout the whole-quilt design, determine any additional services needed, total cost, drop off/ship details, and estimated completion date

After our initial conversation and “meeting” your quilt, I will draft a couple of whole-quilt design options for your review. Once you’ve made your selection, we will discuss any additional services you need, and then finalize cost and shipping details.  So, contact me and let’s get started!

Estimate Your Cost

SUBTOTAL (Step 1) X (Step 2)
–Minimum $75 charge per quilt–

Do you need any of these additional services?
$10.00 Crib (45″ x 60″) Batting, 80/20 cotton blend
$15.00 Twin (72″ x 90″) Batting, 80/20 cotton blend
$20.00 Full (81″ x 96″) Batting, 80/20 cotton blend
$30.00 Queen (90″ x 108″) Batting, 80/20 cotton blend
$40.00 King (120″ x 120″ Batting, 80/20 cotton blend
$10.00 each Squaring (quilt top and/or backing)
$10.00 each Pressing (quilt top and/or backing)
$15.00 Center the Back
$0.45 per linear inch Full Binding (I make, attach, and machine finish)
$0.25 per linear inch Make and Attach Binding (I make, attach, and you finish)
$0.15 per linear inch Attach Binding (you provide binding, I attach, you finish)
$20.00 Return Shipping

TOTAL = SUBTOTAL + Additional Services Needed
(Payment of 50% will be due up front, and the remaining balance due at time of pickup/return ship)

Important Stuff to Know!

  • Press your quilt top and backing*
  • Quilt top and backing edges MUST BE trimmed “square” (corners at 90-degrees, and edges straight) for machine quilting to be smooth and straight*
  • Mark (safety pins only please) the top edge of your quilt and backing, in case it matters for motifs
  • Use cotton, or poly/cotton blended batting, trimmed to 4” larger than the quilt’s length, and 4” larger than the quilt’s width*
  • Be sure backing is at least 10” larger than the quilt’s length, and 10” larger than the quilt’s width
  • Please don’t forget to include the binding if you want the quilt finished*
  • Please don’t baste or pin the quilt together. The top, batting, and backing pieces should each be separate

*Unless I am providing this additional service/material for you